Fatherhood Program

Becoming a father is a profound journey, and our Fatherhood Program at the Center for Pregnancy Choices of Meridian is here to support men through this transformative phase. Our free and confidential program is designed to empower new dads with the necessary skills and understanding to become great fathers.

Through our program, we encourage dads to explore their own experiences with their fathers, and understand how this impacts their parenting approach. We discuss the importance of a father's role in the life of his children, and how to foster a supportive and loving environment for them.

Additionally, we tackle essential topics related to the mother-father relationship as it pertains to parenting. Our aim is to support men in embracing fatherhood and fostering healthy relationships with their partners and children. Visit our center to learn more about how our Fatherhood Program can support you in this vital role.

Reach out to us for more information on our fatherhood program or any of our other free services and resources.